Avery Homenick

Avery Homenick


Meet our top writer, Avery Homenick. It is he who creates content for Asian-brides.online, coordinates the work of other authors, monitors the trends in the international dating industry, and is a pro in using, analysing, and reviewing Asian dating websites.
We found Avery accidentally — we needed a professional copywriter and our team leader saw his post in one of his favorite online magazines. The article was about the dating industry revenue, growth, and trends — it was comprehensive, interesting, and more importantly, relevant. We’ve been working in the niche of online dating for more than five years and we regularly see publications that aren’t even close to describing the actual situation on the market. So, our team lead just said “Why not try to contact this guy? Maybe he’s the one we need!” Well, that’s what we did, and surprisingly, Avery seemed interested because he was looking for a stable, full-time job, and that was exactly what we offered.
He was our ideal candidate, to be honest. He not only has a bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences (University of Texas) but also took the Success Works courses that focus on B2B and SEO content. Simply put, he not only knew how to create great content but also knew how search engines work, how they rank web pages, and how to promote our guides on the web. As Avery says, he was interested in how the Asian dating market works and didn’t mind trying to analyse it and help people find Asian matches.
Quote from Avery:
“I personally believe that Asian women are absolutely gorgeous. I met a lot of them when I was a student and even dated one of them. Though we broke up, that was a great dating experience overall. However, I absolutely understood that dating a Filipino girl may be different from dating a Chinese woman, and I wanted to know about those differences more. On top of that, it was pretty interesting to combine that information about national characteristics and dating cultures with statistical data on the dating market in Asia to see the full picture.”

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