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How To Avoid Mail Order Brides Site Scams

Numerous men worldwide approach mail order brides platforms to meet single ladies and build long-term relationships. However, even if the website has the highest level of security, nobody can guarantee that you become a victim of a scammer. According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) research in 2020, dating sites scams result in greater losses compared to any other type of fraud.

If you want to protect your privacy, you should learn all possible dangers on mail order brides sites. This article will help you identify a potential scammer and choose a reliable platform to organize a safe and effective dating journey.

Possible dangers on mail order brides platforms

With the advent of digital technologies, romance scammers have developed different methods to trick online users and take advantage of their goodwill under pretenses. Usually, they contact their targets through popular mail order brides sites, build a rapport and commit fraud. If you want to avoid scams on dating platforms, you will need to know which possible risks you can experience. Being armed with this information, you can identify a person with bad intentions and keep your identity and money secure.


More often online dating scammers force online users to commit financial fraud on their behalf. They create an appealing profile (sometimes too good to be true), demonstrate romantic intentions towards the victim, and swindle their money or personal information. Usually, the relationships move fast and one day scammers may claim they need urgent money. The most common reasons are emergencies or medical expenses. They ask only for particular payment methods like reload cards, gift cards, or wiring money. Never send money to a stranger even if you communicate for months.

Fake pages

Even if you use the services of paid dating websites, you can still encounter fake profiles. Usually, they include fake pictures and a few personal details. Fakes initiate conversations and use physiological tricks to let you reveal your personal and billing info. That is why it is advisable not to specify your personal details on your profile page. Besides, you can always check the authenticity of the picture on dedicated services.

Webcam blackmail

Sextortion or webcam blackmail is another mail order bride scam that is organized by crime groups. If you used to flirt in front of the webcam with your potential partner, think twice before demonstrating intimate parts of the body. Criminals can record your performance and sell it to numerous digital platforms.

Identity theft

Identity theft is one of the most widespread mail order brides site scams. When you register on a dating platform, you provide your personal and billing info. If the site doesn’t have strong protections, hackers can easily access your personal data. Moreover, some questionable platforms contain viruses that can steal credit card details and passwords right from your computer. That is why you should approach only reliable platforms with a good reputation.

How to choose trusted mail order brides websites?

Aside from studying a dating scammer list, you can protect your privacy and finances by choosing a reputable platform. Use these tips to pick a site to rely on.

Check out the company’s address

Dating websites that operate legally have an office with a permanent address. Moreover, their customer support team is available 24/7 via phone. Check out this info before registration.

Study reviews and history

Surf the web to study the real reviews and history of a particular platform. You can also read comprehensive overviews of trusted mail order brides websites by experts.

Pay attention to pricing policy

Before investing in dating services, make sure a site delivers value for money. Some platforms may be overpriced while others can justify hefty prices by a high level of services. Study the features of the site and prices before availing of a subscription. Also, it is recommended to study the terms and conditions and refund policies.

Chat with ladies

Start with browsing profiles and chatting with ladies. Try to ask questions that will confuse bots. Thus, you can determine whether you are talking with a real person. Immediately stop communication if you detect that a profile is fake. 

Final word

The online digital world is full of scammers hiding behind fake profiles. They develop relationships quickly and claim they are overseas for business or military services. Scammers will ask you to send money under a serious pretext. To protect your funds and personal details, you will need to slow down and never transfer money. Most importantly, follow dating safety tips and choose only trusted platforms.

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