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Vietnamese Mail Order Brides — Meet Wives From Vietnam

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Gorgeous Vietnam mail order brides are very popular among Western men, even though the country is not the first country that pops in mind when you want to find Asian brides for marriage. Only in 2019, 1,782 new fiancees entered the US to marry their partner for life. If you are interested in finding out more about Vietnamese brides and the best way to find a Vietnam girl for sale, keep on reading!

How to find a Vietnamese girl for marriage?

If you can’t wait and want to jump in dating a Vietnamese girl, there are several options available to you. But their effectiveness and convenience are not equal, so you need to choose how you want to meet your hot Vietnamese girl for marriage.

  1. Visiting Vietnam. It will surely give you lasting memories and the opportunity to meet enough local ladies to find your ideal partner. However, there is no guarantee of actually marrying a Vietnamese girl, because when you meet someone IRL you can’t be sure that you two share dating goals and plans for the future. So, you can be wasting a lot of time dating the wrong women.
  2. Online dating. is a more comfortable, cost-effective alternative to find your mail order bride from Vietnam. Modern dating sites give you the opportunity to join singles with the intention of marrying a Vietnamese woman. You can choose from a great selection of single girls and pick the one that suits all your dreams and desires.

If you want to get more ideas to check, please enjoy more legit places to meet pretty Asian girls on our site.

Vietnamese mail order bride

Why do Vietnam mail order brides look for foreign husbands?

Historically, the international marriage phenomenon gained momentum after opening the economy to foreign investment. Many gorgeous Vietnamese women for marriage, often from poorer backgrounds, saw the opportunity to live abroad as a chance for a better life and escaping the risk of domestic abuse. But modern Vietnam women for marriage are different, they choose foreign husbands for their:

  1. Ambitions. A typical Vietnamese mail order bride checks if the potential partner is ambitious right away. So, you don’t need to be particularly rich, but you need to have strong desires and a plan for life to woo a Vietnamese hottie.
  2. Family views. Another important reason why Vietnamese girls for sale favor Westerns is their family values. It doesn’t matter how many romantic partners you have had as long as you are ready for commitment and having that Vietnamese marriage. Taking responsibility for creating a family is what beauties from Vietnam are attracted by.
  3. Higher living standards. One of the things that remain from the first international marriages in the country is the natural desire of local ladies to have a better future for themselves and their children.

It should be noted that many women are happy with local dating opportunities. However, many Vietnamese girls are drawn to foreigners even if it requires more effort and even sacrifices for such a relationship to succeed.

Peculiarities of character and mentality of Vietnamese brides

The unique beauty of Vietnamese ladies make many wonder why Asians are so attractive. But it’s not the only thing that makes people wonder. We gathered some main peculiarities of mentality and features of character that you should know if you plan to marry Vietnamese woman.

  • High feeling of responsibility. Vietnamese women take up their responsibilities very well. They are okay with the traditional division of family errands and are masters at housekeeping. Also, as a rule, Vietnamese beauty is willing to work to support her family financially, too.
  • Readiness to compromise. Family life always has conflicts to some degree. And in international marriage, they are even more likely to happen, as differences in mentalities and background can make even simple things harder. But if you marry a Vietnamese girl, you won’t feel the differences that brightly as Vietnamese women know how to resolve conflicts through communication and compromise.
  • Vietnamese women prefer older men. The majority of ladies that seek foreign men want to marry someone who is 5 to 10 years older. More mature men are usually seen as more financially and emotionally stable to start a happy family. So, if you want to buy a Vietnamese bride but are afraid that a regular girl from Vietnam can refuse to date you because of your age, you actually have nothing to worry about.

We named only a few peculiarities of Vietnamese ladies and you have more to explore to really understand the culture and mindset of your future wife.

Vietnamese girls for sale

Vietnam mail order bride’s attitude to relationships and family

Traditionally relationships in Vietnam are quite “man-lead”, which means that you’ll be expected to be proactive. In Vietnam, girls see their partner not only as a man but as a leader, someone to follow and trust. Also, Vietnam mail order brides take relationships quite seriously and won’t date someone if they don’t see the future where they are happy together with this person.

But the attitude to the creation of the family is even more serious and that is one of the reasons why dating Vietnamese women usually turn into a marriage. Ladies from Vietnam are loyal to their families and will care for, work alongside and support their loved ones in any endeavors. Also, beautiful Vietnamese girls for marriage usually strive to create prosperous future opportunities for their kids, which makes them good at managing money and budgeting.

What is marrying a Vietnamese girl like?

Luckily, marriages with Vietnamese beauties are allowed as in Vietnam as in the majority of Western countries. So, getting married is not that hard. But what comes afterward is more difficult, as documents preparation and moving to another country are not easy. However, overcoming such difficulties usually makes couples a lot stronger and committed to each other.

Building a family with a Vietnamese lady is not just getting a cute wife, but you gain a real supporter, admirer, and lover till death do you apart. Also, be ready that after marriage, like most Vietnamese, your bride will have a strong connection to her parents and grandparents. If you want your marriage to be a happy one, make sure to make your future relatives consider you a good person and man and like you. Treat them with proper respect and care as you would for your own family members.

Vietnamese girl for marriage


Stunning Vietnamese ladies are incredibly beautiful and make great life partners, but you need to explore the possible cultural differences to make the relationship work. Women from Vietnam are worth every effort you make and every penny you spend on them. So, if you are ready for commitment and want to find your future wife, don’t hesitate and start searching for your soulmate!

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